Designing Simplicity

A simple shelving system. Two components – a shelf and a shelf angle.

Can be stacked without the use of screws or tools.

You can build high or long – symmetrical or freestyle.


A shelf and a solid shelf angle make it possible to construct a stable system where you do not need to screw or glue the system together. Stability is achieved as you stack your bookcase. A simple minimalist design.


The shelves can be set up in several ways and can thereby change functionality, expression and design. You can change colors and you can build as needed. functionality, expression and design. We have dimensioned shelf spacing and depth so that the shelving system can accommodate larger items than traditional bookshelves. Both shelves and shelf angles can be turned and are available in different types of wood and colours.


A bookcase is a storage unit which must be able to elegantly accommodate and present various things, books and things of a more sculptural nature. Form and function must be followed in totality and detail as simply as possible. You can build shelves that have a cubic character, and you can build both tall and wide constructions. You can build symmetrically or freestyle.

Example: 4 installation options with 12 shelves, 20 shelf angles and 6 plinth shoes.