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Always choose two shelf angles for one shelf. Place a shelf angle at each end of the shelf when designing and building your own shelf.

Plantegning af hylde 68,5cm i hvid komponent til reol moduler

Materials & Colors

All components are manufactured in Denmark in FSC certified materials and varnished with environmentally certified and water-based varnish. The painting is done on an automatic traverse system, which gives a fine and smooth surface.

White lacquered shelves are made of 25mm MDF. Veneered shelves are made of 25mm MDF with 1mm oak veneer.

White lacquered shelf corners are made of 12mm and 25mm MDF. Colored shelf corners are made from 12mm and 25mm through-coloured valchromat sheets.

Plinth shoes are made in through-dyed light gray valchromat with adjusting screws Ø 38 mm.

Note that shelves can be turned so that both sides can face up, and that shelves and shelf corners can be repainted.

MDF and Valchromat

MDF boards are produced from hard pressed wood fibres, which gives them a hardness which makes it possible to process them with a nice finish. Valchromat plates are a moisture-resistant through-dyed MDF with a high density. The natural structures in the board help to give a special expression. Colors may vary slightly and may change slightly with use. Sheets can be surface treated with oil or wax on request (special production).


MINOFORM’s relatively thick shelves in 25mm MDF contribute to great stability and load-bearing capacity. Shelves and shelf angels lock into each other. The system is well-designed, tested, and proven regarding stability and safety. SAFETY AND STABILITY. Like all other shelves above a certain height, they should be secured to the wall, and we have developed a simple and secure solution for that. Adjustable plinth ensure easy levelling concerning floors so that your shelf can be easily set up level.