Dive into our selection of sideboards where you can create your own unique storage solution without the use of tools. Whether you want to build high, long, or entirely according to your own design, our flexible shelving system offers a sleek and personal approach to storage in your home. Make room for creativity and functionality with a sideboard that reflects your style and needs.

Mellem reol design konfiguration 604 i eg med hvid og sort på trægulv

Configuration 604

8.715,00 kr.

Lille reol design konfiguration 504 i lys eg på trægulv

Configuration 504

5.730,00 kr.

Lang reolskænk i 3 lag med hvid, sort og grøn på parketgulv

Configuration 1510

17.620,00 kr.

Lille reol design konfiguration 502 i farve på trægulv

Configuration 502

5.200,00 kr.

Mellem reol design konfiguration 606 i eg med hvid og sort på trægulv

Configuration 606

10.430,00 kr.

Lille reol design konfiguration 506 i lys eg på trægulv

Configuration 506

7.660,00 kr.

Lille reol design konfiguration 501 i hvid på trægulv med dekoration

Configuration 501

6.470,00 kr.

Mellem reol design konfiguration 601 i hvid på trægulv med bøger

Configuration 601

9.125,00 kr.

Hvidt sort reol design med hifi udstyr til stuen

Configuration 1202

12.530,00 kr.

Mellem reol design konfiguration 602 i farve på trægulv

Configuration 602

7.220,00 kr.

Mellem reol design konfiguration 603 farve

Configuration 603

7.220,00 kr.

Mellemstor reol design konfiguration 10 i hvid på trægulv med dekoration ny

Configuration 1201

8.270,00 kr.


Our unique shelving system allows you to create personalized storage solutions that fit precisely to your needs and style. With a simple system consisting of only two components – a shelf and a shelf bracket – you can build SHELVES that require neither screws nor brackets. This innovative building block system offers you the freedom to construct shelves that are as unique as your home.



Our sideboards are designed to be as simple as possible while providing maximum flexibility. The system is so intuitive that you can change the arrangement of your shelf as your needs change. Build high, build long, or build in free forms – the possibilities are endless.



Discover how easy it is to customize your storage solution with our sideboards:

  • Flexible construction: Choose between building symmetrically for a classic look or go freestyle for a more dynamic and personal style.
  • Easy assembly : No need for tools or hardware – our shelves and shelf brackets simply click together.
  • Robust and durable: Despite the simplicity of the system, it is incredibly stable and can bear heavier items without problems.


When choosing the ideal sideboard, consider the following:

  1. Storage needs: Consider what you need to store. Is it books, magazines, art objects, or something else entirely?
  2. Space and location: Think about where in the home the shelf will be placed. Should it function as a room divider, or should it be integrated along a wall?
  3. Design and expression: Do you want a minimalist style, or should the shelf be a focal point?


Whether you need an elegant solution for the living room, a functional one for the office, or a creative one for the children’s room, our shelving units can adapt to your life and your spaces. Build a low sideboard for the living room or a tall shelf for the office – you decide the design and functionality yourself. With our innovative sideboards, it is easy to create a storage solution that is not only practical but also beautiful to look at. So, whether you want to store, display, or simply decorate, we have the flexible solution that fits your needs.