Are you in need of the right storage solution for your vinyl records? MINOFORM’s shelf designs are crafted with dimensions, strength, and flexibility that make the shelves highly suitable for storing your vinyl collection.

Lille reol design konfiguration 404 i lys eg med mørk grå

Configuration 404

4.250,00 kr.

Lille reol design konfiguration 203 i farve på trægulv med bøger og dekoration

Configuration 203

4.890,00 kr.

Lille hifi reol design konfiguration 503 med pladespiller

Configuration 503

6.440,00 kr.

Lille reol design konfiguration 403 i gul på trægulv

Configuration 403 LP

4.890,00 kr.

Lille reol design konfiguration 406 i farve og lys eg på trægulv med dekoration

Configuration 406

4.890,00 kr.

Lille reol design konfiguration 501 i hvid på trægulv med dekoration

Configuration 501

6.470,00 kr.

Hvidt sort reol design med hifi udstyr til stuen

Configuration 1202

12.530,00 kr.

Lille reol design konfiguration

Configuration 401 LP

2.965,00 kr.


The design of the vinyl shelf is characterized by its simplicity, strength and flexibility. The shelves’ design excels particularly in: – Great stability and load-bearing capacity with 25mm MDF shelves– Large shelf height of 34.5cm and shelf depth of 35cm– Great flexibility in constructing both the shelf and individual storage compartments The solidity of the construction is achieved by shelves and shelf brackets locking into each other without the need for screws or tools. The materials of the vinyl shelf are of high quality, including MDF, valchromat in 6 colors, as well as light and dark stained oak veneer. All components are manufactured in Denmark using FSC-certified materials and coated with environmentally certified and water-based lacquer. The lacquering is done on an automatic traversing system, providing a fine and smooth surface.



When choosing a vinyl shelf for your home, there are several things you should consider: 1. Storage needs. Should the vinyl shelf accommodate items other than vinyl records? For example, books, magazines, and/or more decorative items such as vases, lamps, and sculptural objects? How should the vinyl records be organized to be easily accessible and aesthetically pleasing alongside the rest of the décor? 2. Spaces and placement. Consider where the vinyl shelf should be placed and how it should be designed to fit into the given space and complement other furniture and objects. Different arrangements such as tall, low, short, long, etc., support various functionalities and moods. 3. Expression and style in shelf design. The vinyl shelf offers a minimalist design that can be enhanced with color and/or light or dark oak veneer to support the desired style and expression. Consider whether the vinyl shelf should be a discreet part of the living room or function more prominently as sculptural artwork.