How simple can a bookcase be designed?

Architect John I. Hansen asked himself this question back in 2020, which was the starting point for an intensive design project. The aim was to design a bookcase strong and deep enough to accommodate large or small, light or heavy objects, but without the use of screws or brackets. At the same time, the ambition was to create a design with room for renewal and remodeling. The bookcase therefore had to consist exclusively of movable elements and in that way make room for a new expression, a new function in the home or simply an adaptation to the wishes of the next generations.

In 2022, the first bookcase designed by John I. Hansen was completed – completely simple, easy to assemble and yet with a distinctive character and the opportunity to add your own soul and style. Today, the project has become MINOFORM. A timeless construction that is strong and stable, no matter how tall or wide it is built.

MINOFORM is not just one bookcase. It is an endless series of possibilities to create the right bookcase for the home and the room in which it is located. With respect for the good craft traditions and classic Danish design, we have created designer furniture that remains beautiful, timeless and functional from generation to generation.

The choice of your MINOFORM bookcase starts with our 15 different ones CONFIGURATIONS. However, the possibilities are many for a bookcase tailored to your wishes, and you can build wide, high or add different colors – only your imagination sets the limits.


MINOFORM can be experienced in our design studio and showroom in the heart of Aarhus or here in our digital universe.

We are happy to help you put together your shelving unit and offer personal advice so that you get the right solution. contactus and get a 3D drawing as the first step towards your MINOFORM.


At MINOFORM, we want to contribute to a greener future. This is supported through MINOFORM’s durable design and construction, which can be rebuilt again and again and passed down through generations.

We produce in Denmark in collaboration with an FSC-certified production unit that uses environmentally certified materials. With a complete modern plant, CNC carpentry and automatic transverse varnishing with a drying oven, all processes take place nationally. We therefore deliver without expensive middlemen and shipping costs from foreign manufacturers.

All components for MINOFORM can be repainted with environmentally friendly surface treatments. This means that they can be reused and given new life in the home or with the next generations.